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Als zertifizierter Partner biete ich Ihnen kompetente Beratung sowie den Einbau und Service der Produkte und Systeme der Firma Loxone. Der auf Smarthome spezialisierte österreichische Hersteller entwickelt seit 2009 hochwertige Produkte und durchdachte Systeme, die Ihren Lebensalltag erleichtern.


The dynamics of the Krishnapatnam Portare tangible everywhere. There is smell of sea salt in the air. Cranes are busy lifting heavy containers, 12 metres high, from ships. Oil, iron ore and coal are freighted in HGVs.

We are here at the international cargo port of Krishnapatnam Port, not far from Chennai in India. Handling several million tons of goods, Krishnapatnam Port is one of the largest harbours in the whole of India. Alongside thousands of other goods, ever greater quantities of the artificial fertiliser urea arrive here on a regular basis. The fertiliser is unloaded from the ship on belt conveyors and stored in huge mountainous piles in three vast warehouses. Nowadays, the fertiliser is to partly automatically bagged by machinery and manually loaded onto lorries. These lorries then transport the sacks to the freight trains, onto which they are again reloaded by hand. As the handling capacities for urea in the port have continued to grow over the past few years, it is now only possible to perform this entire process (from ship to rail wagon) by the use of full automation. To deal with the problem, six automatic bagging machines and twelve palletizers will be installed using the corresponding conveyor system components in a 800 m long building, which is located next to the rail system.

The solution
This is where Mr. Lanfer’s many years of experience come into play. To automate the process, he planned a sophisticated control concept for the conveyor system, which is some 6,000 metres long. So that errors in the transportation process are visible immediately, the sub-systems and the entire conveyor line will be monitored by web cams from a control room. A complete visual display of all subsystems is to be presented in overview format in the control room. For this purpose, comprehensive planing and selection of the IT network components and an operating and monitoring concept are required for the control room.

The result
After extensive elaboration of the entire concept with the subsequent preparation of a tender, the control and automation components, the IT network and the operating and monitoring concept for the control room were completely designed according to plan by Mr. Lanfer and his team and then presented to the customer in India.

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1 The Challenge

  • The handling capacity for the artificial fertiliser urea in Krishnapatnam Port is expanding continuously. An automated process (from the bagging system to the rail wagon) needs to be planned and built.
  • The entire facility (storage and railway line) runs from a basic area of 500 x 1,000 m and partly via several floors for the six bagging machines, palletizers and the conveyor system.
  • Urea has an aggressive effect on the skin and renders the air acidic. This is a very important factor to consider when selecting the components for use in the facility.


  • Creation of a control and automation concept for all six planned bagging machines for urea, the twelve palettizers and the conveyor system required for this purpose.
  • Development of an IT network concept.
  • Preparation of an operating and monitoring concept for the control room, which monitors the entire facility.


  • Lay-out and configuration of the control and automation components according to plan following extensive elaboration of the entire concept with a subsequent tender to the customer.
  • Design of an operating and monitoring concept for the control room.
  • Planning of complex IT networks based on the spatial expansion.

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