We offer a comprehensive advice and consultancy service

Have you been running your business for several years now, or even for decades? Then you are bound to be deeply rooted in your company’s business processes and will know them inside out. And this is a good thing! However, many issue which will remain hidden from the “accustomed” eye are often clearly visible to an outside observer. We can give you a good all-round view as seen from our own perspective. With your assistance, we will examine and assess your company workflows in order to give you a different view of your developed processes. Our improvements, such as increased energy efficiency, for example, will not only reduce your time spent, they will also noticeably lower your costs.

„With your assistance, we will examine and assess your company workflows in order to give you a different view of your developed processes“

We provide for efficiency

A range of different disciplines located within different buildings will often also have bus systems, operating systems, browsers, devices and programs which differ greatly. To run a building energy-efficiently nowadays, however, it is advisable to make all information from the sensors and actuators for the individual disciplines available to all disciplines. We can link these various interfaces, providing for the greatest efficiency. This leaves you to focus on your core task, “saving fuel”, as it were, and to put your valuable time to good use for the truly important work at your company. Avionicon GmbH provides you with a customised solution that will help you to run and monitor all your business processes from a single web interface. This saves time and money. Why not get on board with us and take off to greater efficiency!

We provide you with individual support

Every building and production facility has untapped, hidden potential which is well worth finding. What makes our services so special is that we can lower your operating costs with merely a few minor changes. Thanks to our many years of experience in building management and automation, we have gathered countless first-rate measures and methods of achieving efficient energy savings. We will pinpoint those methods and means that best suit your personal situation from our vast pool of experience and apply these with as specifically as we can to your particular case.

The key requirements here are:

  • the interface communication between the disciplines
  • the product selection
  • close collaboration in meetings and discussions with the planners, designers, specialist companies and the customer

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