Avionicon GmbH

The name Avionicon GmbH stands for experience, competence, a spirit of innovation and passion in automation. We have many years of experience and have made it our aim to achieve successful projects in close collaboration with our clients. You can also benefit from our superior advisory service. We will be happy to give you comprehensive advice, make your processes more efficient, and can offer you customised solutions to suit your every individual requirement.

Your advisor

As the managing director of Avionicon GmbH, Alfred Lanfer is your first point of contact for any queries regarding automation. Since the start of his career back in 1979, Alfred Lanfer has always had a keen interest in state-of-the-art, innovative technical products, has built up a large network of specialists and gained a broad knowledge base in the areas of IT, telecommunications and automation. His vast experience means you will always receive the very best advice. Do you want to give your workflows wings? Then simply get in touch!

Take off to success with Avionicon

The cornerstone of a project’s ultimate success is laid well before the project is even initially planned. It is very often the case that the quality of the first advice or consultancy given and the products selected will determine the extent of the subsequent costs. With innovative ideas, efficient and effective methods, and a broad knowledge base, for example from the “Green Building” area, Avionicon GmbH can offer you the best possible solution and can implement this solution in conjunction with specialist planners, designers and other experts.

A competent advisory service – from take-off to landing

From the moment your project gets off the ground right down to its precise landing, consistent and seamless documentation and reporting are vital. Especially given the legal document retention requirements, transparency and traceability. This is a major requirement when it comes to the running of buildings and production facilities. Avionicon GmbH can also assist you in this area with your specialistknowledge, helping you to achieve the successful and soft landing of project.

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A master electrician, Alfred Lanfer Sr. founds a side business for the automation and control technology area.


The very first foundation stones of Lanfer Automation, as we know it today, were laid back in 1975, when Alfred Lanfer Sr. established a side business for the automation and control technology area.

With automation solutions, Alfred Lanfer Sr. is now 100% independent in this field following many years of experience.
The business expands rapidly, thanks to a high level of customer satisfaction with the innovative solutions offered in the PLC area.


Alfred Lanfer Jr. obtains his master craftsmen’s certificate at the Federal Technology Centre for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (BFE) in Oldenburg and together with his father, Alfred Lanfer Sr., now joins the leadership and management team of the family business.


After our positive but improvised beginnings in Mr. Lanfer’s private house, maintaining our high level of service and quality now calls for more space.

Thus new company premises are built on Hoher Weg in Weseke, providing opportunities for future expansion.


We add information technology to our list of competencies.

As the production of switchgear is moving more in the direction of control system programming, it is becoming more important to be in a position to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers and to meet additional demand from the EDP sector.

The company also acquires new premises in Borken – Weseke on Hoher Weg 13.


In order to be able to offer our customers not only internal solutions, but also to give them access to the big wide world via the internet and other communication possibilities, we add communications technology – mainly software-based solutions – to our portfolio.


The existing office building, with its small production area in Borken – Weseke on Hoher Weg 13, is extended by the construction of two additional storeys.

In addition, a new 1,000 m² production facility and new office space of around 200 m² are constructed on the new site (around 3,600 m²), which is directly adjacent to the existing property.


The only missing link now is a software application which is able to map and support the client’s business processes.

Further to in-house experience with the “APERTUM” product, the Organisation department is founded.

Success follows an initial start-up period.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in the fields of IT, manufacturing and automation, jobs can be analysed quickly at the client site and customised solutions provided.


By the end of the second millennium, Lanfer Systemhaus employs approximately 60 members of staff.

Our mission statement is to promote further growth.


Following years of growth, a quality offensive was launched, with the aim of optimising working performance and quality in the different areas.


Due to rapid growth and the trying economic situation in Germany, as well as the high level of past investments and the associated burden of costs, Lanfer Systemhaus is forced to file for bankruptcy in order to be able to introduce a major restructuring programme which involves new partners.


The well-positioned Lanfer Systemhaus Automation & Information GmbH & Co. KG takes over all services previously supplied by the former company.

The capital resources and the efficient restructuring provide the basis for a secure and strong market position in the IT and automation areas.


The Lanfer Systemhaus is now firmly re-established on the market.

Productivity is fully restored, which is proven by many challenging projects.

New products and services supplement the existing highly service-oriented approach.

EUREGIO Systemhaus, which is now Logata GmbH, in Bocholt, and also belongs to LB GmbH, acquires shares in Lanfer Systemhaus.

This collaboration further strengthens our position and our performance.

Currently, 47 employees work for Lanfer Systemhaus.


This year, Lanfer Cargotechnik (founded in 1997 by Alfred Lanfer) is taken over by Logata GmbH and is subsequently renamed Lanfer Automation GmbH & Co.KG.

Alfred Lanfer, the former co-partner, sells all his shares in the companies to Logata GmbH.

To continue to drive future business development forwards, Alfred Lanfer remains in his role of managing director.

At the end of 2010, the Automation area (industrial automation, intralogistics and building control technology) is removed from Lanfer Systemhaus and transferred to Lanfer Automation.

This renders our competencies in the field of automation much clearer to the client.

Euregio Systemhaus in Bocholt is transferred to Lanfer Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG during this restructuring phase.

Thus Lanfer Systemhaus becomes the specialist for information technology and Lanfer Automation the expert in automation solutions, in Westmündsterland and beyond, and with around 90 specialists, offers comprehensive, highly-skilled services to our clients in the IT and automation fields.


To manage the growth of Lanfer Automation and the Lanfer Systemhaus, Lanfer Systemhaus Bocholt moves to Schlavenhorst, in order to pool its IT expertise.

Lanfer Automation remains in Borken – Weseke.

At present, Lanfer Automation and the Lanfer Systemhaus employ around 45 members of staff respectively.


The office building and small production facility, built in 1987 and extended in 1997, is fully refurbished.

Following extremely extensive conversion and renovation works, the building is fitted out with a state-of-the-art building control system and cutting-edge technology.


In mid 2015, after 40 years with the company, Alfred Lanfer retires from his position as managing director.

Given his many years of experience and his high level of expertise, Alfred Lanfer retains an advisory role in the industrial automation, intralogistics and building automation areas.

Mr. Guido Faßbender takes over the position of managing director, leading Lanfer Automation and its 60 members of staff forwards into the future.